电竞比赛竞猜平台-regulations proposed by The Chinese government for The countrys burgeoning smart phone market,already the largest in the world,Are prompting is the beginning of Chinas effort to regulate the fast-growing mobile-applications market and could force industry leaders to censor what They Chinas Ministry of industry and information technology says the proposed rules are designed to protect the personal information of smart phone users这种软件在中国价格便宜的无证智能手机上非常罕见。industry groups say the effect on companies would likely be higher costs and slower growth in one of the most important markets for Electronics supplicationthe size of Chinas total smart phone market has more than tripled in less than three years,With 31.2 million smart phone devices sold in the first QQthe rapid adoption of new mobile devices and applications by Chinese consumers has outpaced authorities ability to regulate them . Chinas mobility ra中国消费者采用新手机和应用程序的速度已经远远超过了相关部门监管能力的提高。目前,中国的移动应用程序基本处于不受监管状态。the proposed measures mandate that handset makers ensure that preloaded apps and those made available through other means meet with Chinese laws in onthat could mean companies would be forced to remove applications deemed offensive or anti government Hina from devices and app stores offered on phone


the proposed law also says new phones must be made in accordance with Chinese Standards . if new Standards put forth by the government-guided unication_电竞比赛竞猜平台。