LPL竞猜外围|it could be a decade before virtual reality headsets become cheap and portable enough to replace smart phones as the tech industry ‘ s dominant comment可能还需要十年,Virtual reality is tipped to be one of the biggest themes of this week ‘ s consumer electronics show,with Sony,Htc and Facebook虚拟现实技术本周将沦为国际消费者电子展(Consumer Electronics Show),索尼(Sony)、HTC和Facebook旗下的Oculus都将于2016年上半年发售自己的虚拟现实头盔。However,Palmer luckey,who founded oculus from his parents ‘ garage in 2012,Says the technology requires many years of further deears但是,2012年在父母车库设立Oculus的帕尔默拉基(Palmer Luckey)回应说,该技术需要多年的进一步发展,“智能手机替代”才能成为主流用户的自由选择。“I think until You have really high-end computing power and until You have really slim form factors,You ‘ re not going to see glasses that peoping“the only way we ‘ regoing to get to billions of users is if VR becomes something that everybody wants to use .and I thithing You ‘ re going to[need to]get the cost way down and the quality way up我指出应该这样做。


(必须)要太便宜,提高质量。“On how long that might take,Mr luckey says :”it could be five years . it ‘ s more likely to be 10 years . but I also don ‘ t think that virtual“当被问及需要多长时间时,勒基说:“可能是五年。”更有可能是十年。

但是毫无疑问,虚拟现实不需要制作轻便的眼镜。”In part,more development is necessary to reduce the risk of a social backlash akin to that suffered by Google glass,Mr luckey says。“I ‘ m not going to pretend that there won ‘ t be an issue,there will always be people who are against these types of the虚拟现实技术采用谷歌眼镜我会假装没有这种问题。

因为总有人赞成这些东西。“He acknowledges that the current head set design is”obviously not the ideal“form factor。”as it goes from a bulky pair of goggles to a SSI Asses,you ‘ re going to have a much different reaction to this type of thing。“but”in the long run,the utility and adoption wing“如果虚拟现实设备能从轻便的防护眼镜变成轻便的眼镜,人们对它会有完全不同的反应。


oculus announced yesterday that it would begin taking pre-orders for the rift tomorrow . Mr luckey tweeted that shipping would ” start ” Ter orthe company has not yet revealed pricing for the first version of its rift head set but Mr luckey says it will initially be a ” signiff Investment “该公司尚未透露Rift头盔上市版的价格,但莱基表示,销售该产品的费用将是“根本投资”,上市的头几年,只有视频游戏玩家和其他早期用户没有“非常”的吸引力。Mr luckey says a VR system will probably cost a total of $ 1,500,Including the headset and a PC powerful enough to run its high-resolution graphicsEven then,the Rift ‘ s cost is being subsidised to make it more affordable,as Facebook and Oculus try to establish the market for VR;Facebook和Oculus想创造一个虚拟现实市场。


In December,oculus and Samsung released the more affordable gear VR head set,Which uses a galaxy smart phone for its screen and processor innet去年12月,Oculus和三星(Samsung)发布了价格更低的Gear VR头盔,并用三星Galaxy智能手机作为显示器和处理器取代了连接的电脑。这个价值99美元的设备被认为是初学者第一次体验虚拟现实的手段。

Gear VRIS A ” portable experience that you can take anywhere “,Mr luckey says。“but the quality of the graphics are definitely much lower quality than what you get on a high-end PC . gear VR头盔”-LPL竞猜外围。