LOL赛事押注平台_more than a hundred thousand women diagnosed with breast cancer in Europe and the us each year could avoid chemotherapy by taking a gene test made by a geer由于拒绝荷兰生物技术集团Agendia开发的基因测试,每年都会发病,Agendia可以尝试预测癌症没有发作的可能性。women with early-stage breast cancer are often given chemotherapy after surgery if their tumours are over a certain size or have started to sprears He患有早期乳腺癌的女性,肿瘤大小达到一定范围或开始扩散到淋巴结时,But many of them are believed to gain little benefit from undergoing the punishing therapy。


但是据悉,他们中的很多人拒绝这种虐待者的化疗后没有接受任何治疗。周四,according to the results of a large clinical study,to be published in the new England journal of medicine(NEJM)on thurs day测试结果显示,从基因组角度看,根据癌症发病风险较低的3354,未拒绝化疗3354的患者与拒绝这种毒性疗法的患者生存概率相似。Age ndia said that of the roughly 445,000 women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer each year in Europe and The us,around 102,000 of thearlyMammaPrint测试费用约为3000美元,但考虑到每个患者的第一次化疗费用约为2.6万美元,预计医疗费用的净增加是可能的。

the five-year clinical study of more than 5,000 women found that 94.7 percent of patients who were categorised as lower-risk by the test survived5年间,以5000多名女性为对象进行临床研究的结果, MammaPrint测试显示,发作风险更高。The mamma print test scans biopsies of tumours for 70 genes that govern whether cancerous cells are likely to multiply or invade heely are less burdensome、especially for women suffering from breast cancer、Who some times undergo major surgery such as a double mastectomy event 当这项研究结果公布时,肿瘤学家们试图找到支出