电竞比赛竞猜平台_sales of the apple watch more than halved in the second quarter,With new figures from researcher IDC suggesting chief executive Tim cook ‘ s fires.研究公司IDC的新数据显示,苹果公司(Apple) CEO蒂姆库克(Tim Cook)卸任后发行的第一款最重要的产品或期待感。the sharp decline is highly unusual for a new apple product so early in its life and will compound wall street concerns about the company ‘ s overall wtt对于刚刚上市的苹果新产品,销售量很少急剧下降。这将进一步加深华尔街对今年整体快速增长前景的担忧。



the iphone posted nine years of uninterrupted growth from its launch in 2007 until the first quarter of this year,Whenunit sales fell 16 percent to自2007年上市以来,iphone销量在9年间急剧增长,一直保持快速增长,直到今年第一季度销量减少16%至5100万台。IDC said yester day that apple sold 1.6m of its watches in the second quarter of 2016,Down 55 percent compared with 3.6m in the same period last year三星(Samsung)和联想(Lenovo)所属摩托罗拉(Motorola)品牌的智能手表销量增长迅速,达到51%至60万韩元,但增长速度也快75%。


“despite a down quarter,apple remains far and away the market leader in smart watches”,said IDC analyst Ramon llamas,With traditional“尽管季度销售额下降,但苹果在智能手表市场仍然遥遥领先,卡西欧(Casio)、POSSIL(FOSSIL)、虎牙(TAG Heuer)等传统手表制造商最近试图进入可穿戴的技术市场,只带来了有限的影响。”every vendor faces similar challenges related to fashion and functionality,and though we expect improvements next year,Growth in the remote所有供应商都面临着与时尚和功能相关的类似任务。预计明年不会改善,但预计2016年将增加快速增长。

Apple has not released any sales figures for the Apple Watch since it first went on sale in April 2015。自apple watch于2015年4月上市以来,apple尚未发布产品的销售数据。Analysts have estimated that it sold 12m units in its first year,more than the iphone during its initial 12(威廉莎士比亚、Northern Exposure(美国电视剧)、Northern Exposure(美国电视剧)Apple Declined to comment on IDC ‘ s figures、ahead of its苹果拒绝对IDC进行数据评估。该公司将于下周发表财报。

The applewatch,a revamped apple TV and new apple music service have so far failed to offset the declines in iphone and ipad sales,Which Tuesday到目前为止,Apple Watch、新的Apple TV和新销售的Apple Music服务尚未填满iPhone_电竞比赛竞猜平台。