LOL赛事押注平台-Bag danda,Nepal-from a pasture high in the Himalayas,tul Singh ro Kaya,55,a shepherd,Watched for years as the number of it forms out of the head of ghost moth larvae living in the soil at altitudes above 10,000 feet,And has been used as an aphrodisiac for at least a thout 虫草在壮阳药中使用了至少1000年,享有喜马拉雅伟哥的外号。In the 1980s,the pickers used to trade the fungus for cigarettes and noodles . but as yarsagumba grew in popularity,It exploded into a20世纪80年代,收获者用这种真菌换来了烟草和面条。但是,随着虫草变得更加受欢迎,它迅速发展成为横跨中国、新加坡和美国的数十亿美元产业。

During the picking season,which runs from late may to July,The number of harvesters in bag danda and two neighboring camps has often reached从5月下旬到7月收获季节,前往巴格丹达和附近两个营地的采集者人数往往超过数千人。但是随着这种真菌的减少,今年收集季节的数量增加到了数百人。

They still hike from a camp below,carrying metal picks to dig out the fungus,Helping to produce an average regional harvest of 135 tons a yearmost of the time they pass through,Teetering on a steep hill side where they spend the morning hunched over to find the fungus ‘ s crooked black STT他们仍然在山上,有时他们不呆在洛卡雅的帐篷前,不卖羊混油。但是大多数情况下,他们经过建在平坦山坡上的帐篷前面,整个上午都在弯腰寻找这个真菌覆盖土壤的倾斜的黑色树干。(威廉莎士比亚,温德萨默,希望如此)(Folklore has it that interest in the fungus stems from the startling performance of Chinese)(western competitors suspected something IC,Namely Performance-Enhancing Drugs)。


)with prices topping $ 50,000 a pound in China ‘ s coastal mega cities,harvesting of the fungus has helped to curb endemic poverty Which shichfor hundreds of thousands of people living in remote villager Selling yarsagumba has become a primary source of income。在中国沿海大城市,虫草价格达到每磅5万美元(每公斤约66万韩元)。收获虫草有助于提高喜马拉雅地区普遍存在的贫困状况。

A study by Nepal ‘ s central bank found that harvesters earned an average of about $ 2,500,or 56 percent of their yearly income,Selling从虫草得到的收益是世界上一些最贫穷的人用电,让他们看病,拒绝教育。

“the whole Tibetan plateau is by now completely dependent on the cash influx”said Daniel Winkler,A my colog ist who has studied the caterplet.他在西藏地区对虫草进行过大量研究。他估计西藏地区有100万人在买虫草。but as quickly as demand for the fungus has surged,Its supply has dropped sharply . my colog ists studying the fungus point to over harvesting as one但是一些研究人员指出,还有另一个可能的原因,即气候变化引起的生态系统气候变化。

在海拔低的地方,这种现象可能会变得更加严重。“there are strong theoretical reasons as to why we might expect The rate of climate change to be faster higher up in The mountains than it is at sea le vevel一些最没有说服力的数据来自青藏高原。从2001年到2012年,那里的气温迅速增加到华氏0.5度(约0.3摄氏度),海拔1万英尺(约3000米)的气象站则增加了近华电竞比赛竞猜平台氏1度。

在一定程度的10年间,世界平均气温只快速增长到华氏0.2度左右。scientists say it is unclear why mountain ranges may be warming more rapidly than other parts of the planet . but Kamal JIT bawa,A biologist at the科学家的反应;但是马萨诸塞州波士顿大学的生物学家卡梅尔吉特巴瓦回答说,如果不能更好地解释喜马拉雅山的气候变化,可能会对该地区独特的生物多样性产生相当大的影响。(威廉莎士比亚,温斯顿,科学)“we have to make very rapid progress”。

“we can’t use the slow approach,the traditional,slow scientific approgress”我们不能使用快速、传统、缓慢的科学方法。“Not for yarsagumba,apparently。用这种方式解决虫草问题似乎是权宜之计。
as harvesters returned from the pastures to bag danda on a recent after noon,Children gathered in the camp ‘ s dusty thoroughfare and divided teed不久前,一位母亲按下浑身晃动的女儿,抓住了脑袋里的牙齿。



In a village below the meadows,pri thvi bud ha,60,a bee keeper who is sitting out the harvest to watch dozens of empty mud and stone huts草原下Prithvi Budha不参与采集,负责管理数十个没有人的泥浆小屋。他说,降水增加可能是虫草产量减少的原因。“we used to have snow up to here and up to here,”he said,pointing to his torso and his shoulders as he recalled a string of childhood wintersUt tam shrestha,a researcher at the university of southern Queensland in Australia,Said it was difficult to say why the supply of yarsagumbbuly澳大利亚南部昆士兰大学(University of Southern Queensland)的研究员乌塔姆什雷斯塔(ut)表示,气温变化可能是影响虫草供应的多种因素之一。“we can draw some inferences”,he said。

“here,the fungus is very sensitive to the increase in temperature and so that could have ave”其中,虫草非常容易受到气温下降的影响,因此可能会受到影响,但没有证据表明还没有实践经验。“Jir Bahadur Budha,43,a farmer,Said he was disappointed with this year ‘ s harvest . he estimated that his family of six would collection现年43岁的农民哥斯拉巴哈杜尔他估计,今年6名家庭成员无法采集400棵虫草,比去年少200棵,比以前聪明500棵。目前尼泊尔一棵虫草的价格约为3.5美元。On a recent morning,Mr . bud ha joined dozens of others in a pasture as a heavy fog set in。

within 10 minutes of searching,Calls echoed from a few hundred feet away,where a teenager had spotted one of The day ‘ s first pieces . clawies不久前的一个早晨,布达和其他几十个人在浓雾中离开了牧场。在开始搜索近10分钟的地方,近几百英尺的地方听到了喊叫声,一个男孩当天找到了第一颗虫草。在幼虫的尸体上脱土后,他找到了一株质量好的冬虫夏草,受到了零星的祝贺。“only lucky people find yarsagumba in the morning”,one man said。

“只有运气好的人才能在早上找到虫草,”一个男人说。Mr. ro Kaya,the shepherd,was cautious in his appraisal of the day ‘ s pickings . whatever the reason for the decline in yarsagume It may be对当天的收获,牧民洛卡雅的评价很慎重。

他说,不管是什么原因导致虫草产量增加,要弥补这里的损失已经太迟了。“No jobs。No money。What to do?”He said,thrum Ming his fingers on a gnarled cane。

“we eat the rice that even donkeys and horses don ‘ t eat。”“没有起作用。没有钱。该怎么办呢?”他一边敲着向手指倒计时倾斜的手杖说。