LOL赛事押注平台_watches often have special value to people,For sentimental reasons or practical interests . with a watch like the Samsung Galaxy Gear-somes这款手表具有实用主义风格,只有在技术比赛中才能被指出是时尚产品。Ive been testing the Gear,A new smart watch that connects via bluetooth to A Samsung mobile device and shows you notifications . it showed me calenedits certainly an improvement over the Sony smart watch I reviewed a Gear and a half ago它可以显示日历警告和短信,通知我收到了新邮件。

Gear有麦克风和扩音器,通过这块手表也可以打电话。这块手表与一年半前我管理项目的索尼智能watch相比似乎有所不同。but It has some serious draw backs . for one,it costs $300,and that doesnt include the pricey smart phone youll need to tote along wite It one但是也有相当严重的遗漏。首先价格是300美元。

不包括需要和这个手表一起装载的廉价智能手机。另外,不能与Note 3等三星智能手机连接。我测试这块表时用的是note 3。having to charge a wrist watch once a day or every other day might not thrill some people . lastly,There are some limitations to what this watch will因为每天或隔一天要给手表电池,所以有些人会胃口大开。

最后,这个手表屏幕上显示的内容有一些局限性。ill be superficial and talk appearances first . theres no way around it : the galaxy gear looks like A geek watch . it has A textured rubber A thick我先谈谈外观。一件事不能解决问题。

Galaxy Gear看起来像个怪人手表。有文理的橡皮筋、厚而可调的金属桌面扣、仪表板周围有螺丝。1.6英寸触摸屏看起来很光滑。


possibly the gee kiest part is the round eye of a camera on the band . this is,presumably,So you can talk to fellow spies through the watch and the可能最“极客”是拿着照相机的桌子上的圆眼睛。这是为了通过手表和间谍同事通话,窥见完全没有注意到的目标。

how the gear fits will depend on the size of your wrist . I was a tweener-one setting was too tight and the next was a little bit loose . it wwas 6 ounces as我去找了一个正好的纽扣孔。一个纽扣太紧了,另一个按了按钮,另一个停了一些。(威廉莎士比亚,泰姆斯特,希望如此)这块手表重2.6盎司,内部储存空间为4克。

the gear watch comes with a charging cradle,a small,Square-shaped plastic nest . but this charging cradle serves another purpose 336660这是Gear设置的一部分。为了给智能手机增加Galaxy齿轮管理,需要拿着Note 3敲电池片的背面。此应用程序可以管理和应用所有Gear设置。

the next step of the setup involved wireless ly connecting the watch,via bluetooth,to the smart phone . this was pretty straight forward。这很简单However,whenever I wandered more than 30 feet or so away from The note 3,The gear watch on my wrist would disconnect from The smart phone . I couunt我仍然可以看到手表的时间,但如果与智能手机断开连接,一些应用程序将无法使用。setting up those apps can be confusing . the watch comes with a few pre installed,Like the pedometer and a weather app . and there are Android-based智能手机有基于Android的应用程序(例如Gmail),可以自由选择在手表上表示这些应用程序的相关通知。then there are other Samsung-branded apps-like s health,Sam sungs proprietary fitness-tracking app,Which I used with the whe还有三星专利状态跟踪等其他三星品牌的应用:Finally、there are gear-specific apps、Such as FB quick view and Tweet quick view、That Arent the real Facebook and Twith也有特定于Gear的应用程序,如FB Quickview和Tweet Quickview,如Swiping Through the Watch Felt Somewhat Intuitive . from the Home Screen,Swiping from side to side will应用于界面后,向上滑动可返回到上一个界面。

On some occasions,I found the gear watch useful . I was out bike riding when a Google calendar appointment popped up on the screen,Reminding methe watch told me to read it on my mobile device。在某些情况下,很容易找到Gear手表。

有一次,我在外面骑自行车,从谷歌日历(Google Calendar)的约会警告中跳出来,提醒我10分钟内要回家,交事前誓言的封面。(大卫亚设,Northern Exposure(美国电视),)当我开车时,如果时钟振动或哔哔的声音,低下头就能看到新的消息。手表无法读取Gmail的内容。

I also could nt see pictures friends sent me via text message . and when I tried responding using s voice,samsungs voice-recognition app It was support朋友们通过短信发送的照片在手表上也看不到。

尝试恢复到三星的语音识别软件S Voice时,手表识别我的命令非常慢。taking photos with the watch was admitted ly fun . you access the camera by swiping down from the homescreen and snap a photo with a quick tap on the sc reen使用手表照片显然很有趣。在主屏幕上向上滑动的话,可以启动照相机,然后给屏幕加把劲,就可以拍照了。但是你不能在手表上分享这些照片。

你应该再上照片LTL智能手机。its almost impossible to talk about a smart watch as a two-way communicator without mentioning dick Tracy,but the gear is J .ust that . I called my boss and he said the call quality was good on his end,too . I called my mom and told her I was calling her from a watch and she laugher对于双向通信工具智能手表,我们不会提及《王者神探》 (Dick Tracy),但Gear显然是这样的。我给我老板打电话,他说他的通话质量也很好。

我给妈妈打电话,说我一只手打在她身上,她一起笑了。the call quality was good because youre basically using the watch as a bluetooth speaker . you can dial a number or call up a contact from the watch as Long通话质量好的原因是手表只用了蓝牙麦克风。离智能手机不远的话,可以使用手表电话号码或联系方式。

Samsung says the battery life of the Gear watch should be about the same as your average smart phone . in my experience,it lasted close to two dadataand when I put it in its cradle to rest and recharge,I didnt exactly missit_LOL赛事押注平台。