电竞比赛竞猜平台:add this twist to the panoply of websites that promise to fill the holes in your love life 3360 sites that are aimed at married men who want to add wiv Es请把这个新的东西重新添加到答应老板摆脱感情生活困境的网站上。他们是两个网站,一个是想找更多妻子的未婚男性,另一个是不想和别人共享丈夫的单身女性。certain that there were plenty of people in the world who ‘ d be interested in such A service-and willing to pay for it-Azad chai wala,A 33He started、aimed specifically at Muslims、in late 2014、followed by、which is open to any om今年他为大家准备了polligamythe sites now have tens of thousands of members,Mr . chai wala said . most registered users are in Britain or the United States,Even though也有来自印度、巴基斯坦等一些亚非国家的用户,在这些地区一夫多妻制是合法的。


while he has no way to know how many polygamous marriages his sites may have facilitated,Mr . chai wala said he had received more than 100 letters但是据Shabala说,他已经收到了用户的100封感谢信,感谢他们暗示他将享受一夫多妻制的乐趣。chai walas peaks of his sites with an evangelist ‘ s fervor,hoping to spread the idea that polygamy offers a pro-family antidote prostitute想起他的网站,夏瓦拉有传教士的热情。他期待着对更多的人说,一夫多妻为了家庭优先股椅,接受了防止放纵、性交易、再婚和家庭分裂的自由选择。

一些人指责一夫多妻制是当今社会不接受的时代的有毒,但沙巴拉没有这样指出。他明确表示,一夫多妻制更适用于Tinder等社交应用引起的通奸或一夜情。(威廉莎士比亚,哈姆雷特,女人)I am saying,marry two or three,and be loyal to them’‘he Said’,我的意思是‘和两三个女人结婚,忠于婚姻’。

”creating a profile on either site is free,but to browse profile photos,You need to upgrade to a paid membership of $ 20 a month or $ 45 f用户在这两个网站注册是免费的,但要查看其他用户的照片,需要升级帐户,每月支付20美元的会员费,Three-quarters of the users on second aremen,Mr. chai wala said,But most of the profiles on
对于这种差异,他推测是因为他指出,很多女性不需要尽到全职义务的丈夫,或者未婚男性更好。“if they are capable of taking care of one wife,perhaps they are capable of taking care of me”,Mr. chai wala said,speculating of meone thing the sites are not intended to do is to help women seek out multiple husbands-A practice known as polyandry . this is not because Mr . ‘ A-电竞比赛竞猜平台。